Comprehensive Annual Exams, Regular Pet Wellness Care & Proper Nutrition

Comprehensive wellness care is the foundation for proper growth, healthy conditioning, disease prevention, and longevity in pets. We focus on wellness for every patient, from the youngest puppy and kitten through the senior years.

Proactive Wellness Care

Wellness addresses every aspect of pet care, including:

  • Regular checkups

  • Disease prevention

  • Parasite control

  • Dental care

  • Skin and coat care

  • Nutrition and exercise

  • Appropriate vaccines

Comprehensive Annual Exams

The veterinary wellness visit is key to optimum health. For healthy adult pets, this once a year visit allows us to examine the patient and learn about any changes or special needs. At that time, we can give any necessary vaccines, provide testing and treatment for parasites, assess the need for dental care, measure growth and weight, and make recommendations for nutritional support. Older pets may require more frequent visits, especially those with compromised immune systems or chronic issues. Early diagnosis and treatment of disease allows for improved quality of life.


In providing comprehensive wellness and preventive care, we follow a vaccination schedule designed to extend the life of your dog and cat. We develop a plan of action tailored to meet your pet’s needs, with recommendations based on the American Animal Hospital Association’s vaccination guidelines.

We also offer the Lyme disease vaccine for puppies and dogs that are at risk. After 8 years of age, certain vaccinations may not be appropriate for your dog or cat.

Pet Nutritional Support

Nutritional balance is essential for health during every stage of life: for proper growth in youngsters, for vigor in adulthood, and for immune support during the senior years. A pet suffering from injury, illness, or a chronic condition requires special care to prevent added concerns and enhance healing. We provide nutritional guidance and support to owners, working with you to find the correct balance and optimum results.

Other Resources

When seeking reliable nutritional information for your pets, we recommend the following sources:

Veterinary Care For Puppies & Kittens

The first year of your dog or cat’s life is so exciting for both you and your new pet. Be prepared for all the changes a new animal brings into the house! With this in mind, our team provides you with the veterinary care and first-year advice you need to ensure a safe and happy home for your puppy or kitten. In general, puppies and kittens should be examined, vaccinated, and dewormed every three weeks until they are 16 weeks old. During these important exams, our veterinarian can examine health status, vaccinate as needed, deworm as needed, answer any training or behavioral issues, and address any spaying/neutering and microchip plans. Our doctor is always happy to answer any questions regarding your special pet. Before we begin a vaccination or health care regimen for your pet, we will tailor a special plan just for your puppy or kitten!! Our vaccination recommendations are based on the American Animal Hospital Association’s guidelines for dogs and cats. We also offer the Lyme disease vaccines for puppies at risk. Please consult with us for your pet’s special needs.

Senior Pet Care Services

We offer special care for your senior dogs and cats. We focus on enhancing quality of life through wellness care and early detection and treatment of disease.

  • Senior Pets Deserve Personal Attention

    Pet health problems associated with aging can be lessened or even alleviated with early detection and treatment. Our exceptional wellness care allows us to detect many problems before your aging pets experience pain or permanent damage to their health. Our on-site diagnostic laboratory and imaging technology gives our patients an edge in early detection.

  • Preventing Diseases in Senior Dogs & Cats

    Mature pets face life-threatening diseases and conditions that affect the heart, kidney, and liver. Obesity and arthritis are two problems in seniors that can negatively impact quality of life. Any change in your pet’s behavior or physical appearance may be indicative of a serious health issue. Biannual wellness exams and regular dental care are advised for senior pets. During those visits, we may perform blood work and a urinalysis. From this exam and lab work, we can determine if additional tests are necessary.

  • Vaccinations for Senior Pets

    Vaccinations for your senior pet will be determined by their age, health status, and as recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association’s vaccination guidelines for dogs and cats.