Testimonials for South Pittsburgh Veterinary Clinics

We love hearing from our pet parents!  Below are some of the wonderful things some of out veterinary clients are saying about us.

 I felt I had the personal service for my pets that shows you truly care about their comfort as well as mine!

Linda S., Bridgeville

The staff and vet were so caring and loving toward my pet and didn’t rush the process. I felt very secure with their knowledge and most importantly, their love of animals!

Pamela C., Pittsburgh

The staff was very friendly, and took their time. They were interested in your pet. The doctor, explained everything and she takes time to know your pet and gives them the best care.

Cindy O., Bridgeville

The vets are proving to be kind and compassionate. I am a nervous “mommy” while learning the diabetes ropes and everyone has been helpful.

Heidi B., Mt. Lebanon

Everyone treated Gracie well. We discussed what may be her issues and the medications she needed. On Monday, we received a call with her test results and they inquired about how Gracie was doing. Follow-up is just as important as the initial visit.

Lori B., Dormont

“My 15 year old Beagle mix, Tucker, has been my best friend and companion for almost half my life.  He has some open soars on his side and his teeth really needed a cleaning, but my old vet said that he was too old to go under for a cleaning and to close the soars.  Dr Mullings said that she was able to take care of my buddy no problem because they had the newest and best anesthetic and technology.  She was able to clean his teeth and close his soars easily and you can tell that Tucker feels way better.”

Jeffrey S., Mount Washington